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Santa Puts Me Back in the News

Who’d have thought writing about getting yelled at by the National Santa’s elves would land me back in the local news? This time, my WeLoveDC entry complaining about being stopped from photographing Santa’s Workshop at the National Christmas Tree got picked up in NBC Washington’s Around Town section. (Cue, of course, the requisite “WELL PEOPLE […]


In “Begging the Question, Again” on the Times Topics weblog, NYT deputy news editor Philip Corbett talks about the misuse of the phrase, and briefly mentions, my pedantic language site. I was alerted to this by the sudden flurry of “” inbound links in my referrer log that day. BTQ’s continued growth in popularity […]

Area Man Takes Escalator Video, Appears On Local News

Some of you may have seen me on TV last night, on FOX 5 News Edge at 11 (news story, video). Our local Fox affiliate sent reporter Jessica Weinstein to interview me at Foggy Bottom yesterday, site of the Metro Escalator Mess that I caught on video. I recall talking at length about Metro delays […]

USA Today on Flickr Commons

Amy and I are briefly mentioned in this USA Today story by Rebecca Kaplan on the Flickr Commons, for our restaging of the LOC lipstick photo. The article doesn’t have the photos themselves but I left a comment with a link, and of course you can see them right here:

Bush, Arroyo, Carrots, Sticks

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was in town yesterday to pay a visit to our neighbor at 16th and Penn NW (funny guy from Texas, you should meet him sometime). Now, much has been made of a supposedly offensive statement he made — “I am reminded of the great talent of the- of our Philippine-Americans when I […]

Various Debunks

“Lost” tribe not so lost after all. The key word here is “uncontacted”; the government had known about isolated native tribes such as this one for decades, and partitioned off that land as an Indian preserve. The man responsible for the pictures played up the “lost natives” angle to draw attention to the problem of […]

Phoenix on Mars

Phoenix, NASA/JPL’s new Mars polar lander, has successfully touched down in the Martian north polar region. This landing was more of a nail-biter than usual, given that the last polar lander mission was lost during descent in 1999; but Phoenix (rising from the ashes of the Mars Polar Lander mission, I guess) performed wonderfully, going […]

USA 193 Intercept

Popular in the sensational space news spotlight last week was the Navy’s shootdown of satellite USA 193, internally known as NROL-21, an experimental reconnaissance satellite which suffered post-launch computer failure so it was trapped in a rapidly decaying low earth orbit, and could have crashed with many large parts intact. Carrying a full tank of […]

Peninsula Standoff

So a jailed senator being tried for a previous attempted military mutiny walks out of his hearing, joins with his band of rebel soldiers and political supporters, and once again initiates another mutinous standoff in a swanky Makati hotel, with Guingona calling on the people to start yet another EDSA-style revolution. Bad move, bad timing. […]

Luzon Earthquake (Nov 2007)

The text message from Mom came around 11:30pm: We just had a strong earthquake here in Makati. I checked the USGS Latest Earthquakes Map and list and found that preliminary data for the quake was already available in an event report: Magnitude 5.8 – LUZON, PHILIPPINES, 2007 November 27 04:27:00 UTC. The reported magnitude jumped […]