Hi. I’m Paulo, and “How Now Brownpau” is my personal website. I use the online handle “brownpau” as a whimsical reference to my Filipino ethnicity and bovine disposition. Here is a random photo of me from my Flickr photostream:

I live in the Washington, DC area, where I work as a web developer for a news magazine. I’m on the internet a lot. I am married to Amy. She paints. I also have a cat named Pandora. She sleeps.

My faith is Christian, of the evangelical Protestant variety. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and have trusted upon his propitiatory sacrifice, death, and resurrection for my redemption and salvation. I read the Bible and trust it as the inspired Word of God. I have also been baptized three times. Funny story.

I also like space, science, science fiction, scuba diving, early music, and travel.

If you wish to know more, consult the FAQ, or visit paulo.ordoveza.com, my professional resume-and-portfolio website. If you wish to contact me, email and instant messaging info is here.