Reagan Squared

Reagan Airport signThe joke goes that that now that Reagan has passed away, the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport can now be renamed to Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Even before Reagan’s death, we had the airport, the Ronald Reagan Building, an aircraft carrier named USS Ronald Reagan, and Mount Clay renamed to Mount Reagan. Now there’s wind of a Penta-Reagan-gon and a $10 Reagan Bill.

What’s next? Rename the Metro’s Red Line to “the Reagan Line?” Turn R Street into Reagan Street? Why not change Washington, DC, into Washington, DR, the District of Reagan? Or name one of the 50 states to “Reagan?” We can rename West Virginia to Reagania, so it finally gets out of VA’s shadow; or maybe Rhode Island can be renamed Rhode Reagan, since it’s not really an island anyway?

And why did our WWII veterans get a four-fighter-jet salute, while Reagan’s funeral got twenty-one?

By all means, respect the man and his presidency, and commemorate him with a fitting laying-to-rest, but I think this is overkill.


  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    The neoconservative forces have been working on Reagan’s legacy in the background ever since he left the Presidency. Now they get to spring all their plans into action. I fully expect to hear another proposal to carve Reagan’s face onto Mt. Rushmore in the next few weeks.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m hoping Nancy will speak up and put a stop to the silliness. Reagan would approve of an effort to put him on the currency. Although he might appreciate the irony in having the largest federal office building in Washington named after him.

  3. Paulo says:

    Did you mean “wouldn’t approve,” Chris?

  4. Phisch says:

    It reminds me of the slew of things renamed in the Pinas after Cory became president. It seemed like everything was rechristened Ninoy.

  5. Joe Jon says:

    We have a brand new High School opening this fall named Ronald Reagan High. I’m guessing by 2017 the liberals will somehow finally get him proclaimed a “racist” or something and have it renamed.