Watch the Reagan Procession

(Note: This blog entry is for Wednesday’s procession, on the casket’s arrival in DC. To hear my story about visiting the Capitol to pay my respects early Friday morning, read “Make Me A Little History,” a few entries down.)

The Reagan Casket procession is in progress at this moment, and will be going down Constitution Avenue on its way to the lying-in-state at the Capitol. There’s a DC traffic cam at 3rd St NW and Constitution Ave, so you can view it live here and watch the procession pass by some time in the next hour or so.

Update, 6:33pm: It’s passing through. Wow, that’s a big, long procession.

Update, 7:34pm: Well, the coffin is in the Capitol, and I’m watching the ceremony on C-Span from the office. Never mind my plans to make it down there and get photos.

All we need now is online Casket-Tracking updated every minute, so you can keep track of the motion of the body with live GPS coordinates.

More seriously, Airbag writes Jelly Beans.