Catching Up With The Folks

I’ve just returned from National Airport, where I saw my mom and brother off, finishing a quick three-day visit to the District. I haven’t seen my family since Christmas, so it was a good opportunity to take a few days off from work and spend time with them, catching up and sharing notes.

Sunday, the day of arrival, was quite active, with much ethnic flavor. We visited the Philippine Festival on Pennsylvania Avenue, ate galantina and halo-halo, then viewed the DC skyline from atop the Old Post Office Tower. That night, dinner — yet more Filipino food — with the family of a decades-past alumnus of my alma mater.

Monday was spent “doing the tourist thing,” as I call it. Amy and I took my younger brother Raymond out to the National Mall to see some sights: the Capitol, Air and Space, and Natural History. The intention was to keep going and view the WWII and Lincoln Memorials, but we were just… too… tired.

Tuesday was set aside for full-on consumerist indulgence, as we joined my aunt for a day-long shopping spree at Potomac Mills. I came away with new shoes, shirts, fitness accessories, and scented candles.

All in all, a fun and fruitful three days. Amy, my beloved significant other, came down from NJ and finally got to meet my mom; that went quite well, with gifts exchanged and positive feedback from all sides. My brother, a track athlete back home, was quite impressed at how conducive the DC area is to runners and running.

I also found out from my brother, much to my surprise, that I’m about to become an uncle. Next month. Um, yeah. That was sudden.

Anyway, by this time, they should be in the air, on their way to Chicago for a few days with my elder brother, Francis. I was really glad for this visit. Things are changing so quickly; I suppose my own progressing age is made evident by my perception of the rate at which everyone is growing up and aging. Before I know it, I’ll be a doddering old coot yelling at the young’uns to turn down that stupid music.