Erap Guilty

Back in the Philippines, six years after Joseph Estrada’s impeachment and popular ouster for corruption, the Sandiganbayan has finally delivered its verdict on the accused ex-President — guilty of plunder, though not guilty of perjury, and his co-accused son and ex-Senator has been found not guilty of complicity. The sentence is life imprisonment.

As expected, Erap and his lawyers are denouncing the verdict as biased and politically motivated — although one wonders why they previously made such a big show of submitting themselves to the court and having faith in a “not guilty” verdict while simultaneously calling the Sandiganbayan a biased “kangaroo court created to convict him.” The only contradiction more deafening than is this constant bragging that his true innocence is already decided “in the court of public opinion.” Ironically, it was via an unconstitutional court of public opinion that he was ousted in the first place, and an equally unconstitutional uprising that attempted to unseat his equally corrupt successor later on, and so the cycle of Philippine politics continues.

More from the BBC on his “prison,” pertinent text from Amee, and links from Manuel Quezon III. Update: And a hat tip with more links from MLQ3. Piece of historical trivia for you: I made the “kalbong Erap” image above in Photoshop with some help from a photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head.


  1. MIA says:

    yan lang ang dapat sa kanya,

  2. i hate this guy. you know, you’re right. i wrote a paper on this idiot months ago, and I practically had noticed the same thing: he was talking about the voice of the masses (who he said had cleansed all charges from his old, rickety body) which was actually the same voice who had ousted him in the presidential seat. this foolish guy, well, i’d like to give him credit for that… all throughout his media appearances, he had always managed to stir a discussion among the viewers. a very talented movie icon indeed…