NS Mass Shooting

Mass shooter in Nova Scotia killed several over the weekend.

The victims.

Killer was a Canadian denturist who loved guns and wanted to be a Mountie, even owned a replica RCMP cruiser and uniform that he used to lure more victims. Partial screenshot of his Facebook profile before it was pulled. Note the American flag paraphernalia; he was Canadian but seemed to adore all things USA. His denture clinic in Dartmouth that we sometimes drove past (photo by tony07 on Flickr):


Coming from the Philippines and the USA I’m so horribly inured to daily news about nearby gun massacres that it didn’t sink in for me how much this has affected my Nova Scotian and Canadian friends and neighbours. Seeing hearts and flags and blue NS silhouettes in house windows, hearing from online acquaintances who knew the victims’ families.

(And no one—that I’ve seen anyway—screaming about crisis actors or that the solution is more guns as would be more common in the US.)