The right thing?

Did we do the right thing? I think we did. Today the Philippines removed an incompetent, corrupt, bumbling President whose only redeeming trait was a witty charm with which to deceive the poor, swayable masses. Already, investors are regaining confidence in our country now that we have an experienced economist and politician in power.

Hopefully we’ll soon see an influx of income and investment to boost our economy and start providing jobs and opportunities for the poor who were deceived by Erap’s popularity.

Hopefully the average Filipino has learned enough politics from the impeachment process and People Power II to be able to properly vote on issues and values rather than popularity and empty promises.

Hopefully this will set an example for future politicians to uphold a standard of intelligence and morality, rather than pander to the lowest common denominator.

Hopefully justice will be served to those whose greed and corruption were so far beyond bounds that they failed to consider the welfare of the people and the nation.

We did the right thing. Let’s hope we CONTINUE to do the right thing, even after the crowds have dispersed and the euphoria has settled. Mabuhay po ang Pilipinas, salamat sa Diyos.