Davao Wharf Bombing

Yet another terror bombing in Davao, followed by hatred-driven retaliatory attacks on mosques. Yet more grenades and guns thrown into the increasingly discouraging quest for peace and stability in the Philippines. If there was ever a quest to begin with.

From there, I’ve found that BBC has a pretty decent summary resource page on Philippine conflicts.

(Yes, yes, we have a Muslim insurgent group named the MILF. We also have a religious cult with the acronym ADD — fitting, considering that could mean Attention Deficit Disorder — and a historic revolutionary movement which called itself the KKK — and had nothing to do with white supremacy.)


  1. nathan says:

    well, the acronyms are funny, but the conflict is not. thanks, paulo, for filling us in on the /other/ conflicts in the world. these are certainly anxious times for many…

    peace of Christ.