Crazy McDeer!

Two deer jump through a McDonald’s window, injuring four. Right here in Washington, DC. Where the heck do deer come from in the middle of the city, anyway?

Well, since the McDonald’s in question is right beside Union Station (from where I’ll be catching my train back to Bawlmer), I know where I’m having dinner tonight. Pencam ready. Oh, the adventure, the excitement! ;)

Maybe they’ll even have McVenison burgers.


  1. Jenn says:

    Speaking of deer…one almost ran out in front of me as I left for classes the other morning. He just paused by the side of the road as if to say, “I could smash your car. Hmm…maybe another day.” I was exceptionally thankful. :-)

  2. Rod says:

    Deer, also known as rats-with-hooves, tend to scavenge their way through whatever areas where they can find food. i.e. parks, backyards, gardens, etc. It probably made its way up the tracks from near Takoma Park.

  3. Defense of hunting to prevent overpopulation of deer– Case Closed