Iraq War Begins

It begins. As air raid sirens, anti-aircraft fire, and missile explosions flood the skies and streets of Baghdad, may the good Lord protect the innocent civilians of Iraq in this time of war and terror.

I was a bit startled to find myself agreeing with Willis and Kottke tonight. There are deep-seated issues at stake here which are far bigger than simple pro-liberation/anti-war sloganeering. Studying both sides of the problem has only made me more cynical about the whole political millieu we live in. I cannot in good conscience march in support of either side, and filtering through the haze of biases and straw men only muddles my opinion more.

I would so like to formulate a decent stand on this important issue, but sitting here in the lab, sleepy, overworked, and info-overloaded with the sudden flood of war news overlapping with my work on, the war seems like nothing but a media-induced distraction, separate from my immediate circumstances. And if wars are fought in that manner while we, the people they are fought for, are utterly dissociated from the causes in question, then something is crucially and seriously wrong.

More later.