My reading backlog included a bunch of links about Ebola from late last year, but the panicked craze of media coverage died down long before I was done with all these articles.

The Nib: Ebola, A User’s Guide

One Powerful Illustration Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With How the West Talks About Ebola

MetaFilter: Perhaps the 4 most intelligent things you can read about Ebola today.

Inside the Ebola Wars

Diary: Ebola — by Paul Farmer. “Ebola is more a symptom of a weak healthcare system than anything else.”

Life After Death: NPR interactive presentation on how Ebola affected the village of Barkedu, Liberia.

An Ebola Doctor’s Return from the Edge of Death

Maternal health: Ebola’s lasting legacy

After November, when it became evident that Ebola was not going to overrun the US and political fortunes were suddenly less dependent on public panic, the coverage simmered down, and other health issues became the focus of the media hype machine.