The Estrada Impeachment Trial begins

The Estrada Impeachment Trial has begun! Former Chief Justice Andres Narvasa just opened his defense of the president with a comparison to Julius Caesar. *GAG* Hey, but Caesar was stabbed to death by… by… the Senate! Hey, that wouldn’t be so bad. Of course, Erap’s so padded he wouldn’t feel a thing. Thunk, thunk.

I sincerely hope he gets impeached with a vengeance. He’s deceived, damaged, and ravaged this poor country far more than enough. How sorry I feel for those poor farmers in their fields and the squatters along the rails who still cry out their support for him from their poverty, completely blind to the fact that every second Erap is in power adds more and more to their squalor, as he pillages public funds and destroys the local economy. (Except for the recipients of his “free housing” — sheer largesse for a tiny minority; desperate attempts to salvage his dying approval rating.)


Politics aside, ALXBook is still down. Not good. It’s been significantly more than just “a day.” One more day, and I start looking for a new guestbook.