Around the Capitol for State of the Union 2007

Capitol as Seen From Louisiana Ave and North Capitol St My normal policy is to turn off the TV and radio during State of the Union addresses, no matter who’s President, but there’s been talk of a State of the Union protest at the Capitol tonight, so I walked down there after dinner to see what I could see, not having been to one of these events before, and eager to photograph potential crazies.

At left, the scene at North Capitol Street and Louisiana Ave NW: a tough security perimeter all around the Capitol, with huge, bright floodlights atop various buildings shining on the Dome. I almost turned back right there, thinking the flares were to define an off-limits border for pedestrians as well as cars, but seeing a biker go nonchalantly go through them, I decided to keep going. A CHPD officer told me that as long as I approached from the far side of 1st St NW I was okay, so that’s where I went.

Devil Bush Guy Brandishing his Pitchfork Protestors

Over by the Grant Memorial, someone dressed up in a Devil costume with a Bush mask brandished a pitchfork about and pantomimed to a live audio feed of the SOTU address from behind an “IMPEACH BUSH FOR WAR CRIMES” banner table, while various protestors waved signs and jeered rebuttals at the mascot. It was a pretty thin crowd, probably not more than 25-30 of them. The NPS and CHPD security personnel I talked to, were pretty glad for that.

After the address was done, I braved the cold a bit longer to get some photos of the Washington Monument and the Capitol, lit up as they were for the evening:

Much Better Monument-and-Moon photo Capitol - All Lit Up

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