Roco’s Past

Raul Roco may have gained pogi points with his delicadeza-precipitated resignation from the DepEd., but as Max Soliven points out, political fortunes are fickle, and Roco’s past of deserted alliances may yet come back to haunt him. Does the Filipino political landscape have any good guys at all?

(If your answer to that last question was Erap, put your fingers on your keyboard and press Ctrl-Alt-Del repeatedly to win the secret prize.)


  1. ginny says:

    you’re so funny, paulo.

    there was Ninoy Aquino, but his other siblings, the ones who like shaking their booties and sidling up to the crooks, just don’t measure up.

    i don’t have to mention kris now, do i?

    as fr. david says, “obviously he’s the only who got the brains in that family.”