Area Man Takes Escalator Video, Appears On Local News

Some of you may have seen me on TV last night, on FOX 5 News Edge at 11 (news story, video). Our local Fox affiliate sent reporter Jessica Weinstein to interview me at Foggy Bottom yesterday, site of the Metro Escalator Mess that I caught on video. I recall talking at length about Metro delays and mobile video, and Jessica was trying to get a bit of a “citizen journalist” angle into the mix, but the segment appears to have been edited down to just subway news, thankfully cutting out most of my inane rambling. (Sadly they also cut out some of the closeups the camera guy took of my cellphone, which I made sure was running rickroll.mp4 at the time.)

Me on the news, click to see video

At left, the original video I took of the escalator mess, and at right, a screen capture of me on the news, some Photoshopped improvement courtesy neckro. (Click to view the video on, which sadly does not provide an embeddable player. Also interviewed was my coworker, Mike Weinstein, the guy in the blue shirt.)

Update: I let fame and glory get to my head and forgot to mention how coworker Russell’s considerable internet influence played a part in rocketing me to stardom.