Feed Changes

If you follow How Now Brownpau through a feed reader, change the feed URL to feeds.feedburner.com/brownpau. (The current feed URL will soon redirect.) I’m starting to aggregate to a single stream (with help from a Yahoo Pipe) so that my dear readers are saved the trouble of visiting a plethora of sites (or subscribing to a mess of feeds) in order to partake of my dazzling brilliance. Stuff I post to places like Tumblr, Flickr, Twittr, MetaFiltr, and WeLoveDCr nowr formr a streamr ofr contentr (ahem) in preparation for the day that the site itself can act as a similarly unified point of aggregation from many sources.

Till that day comes (but I don’t have time to work on it right now), I will just have to rely on FriendFeed for my content-consolidation needs; hence the new “View FriendFeed Shared Items” link on the home page, which reveals a simple JS badge. Those of you who are on FriendFeed may want to add me.

I’ve also switched the site feed from excerpts to full text. A few readers complained about the inconvenience of having to click through to the site to read the rest of the content. That’s often the exact intention — getting actual clickthrough to garner page views, ad clicks, or simply design accolades — but on a web where content is going more and more portable, the audience’s convenience wins out over pride and eyeballs, so full text feeds it shall be. I’m also aware this raises the risk of scrapers plagiarizing my entries, but that happened with excerpts anyway, and it’s a risk every webmaster faces and must guard against to be able to publish to the internet.

It all feels very hacked together, which makes me feel I need to do an upgrade, cleanup, and reboot soon. But for now, work.