If you scroll down through the Washington Post story I previously linked in the espionage post, you’ll see a little box titled “Who’s Blogging?” with Technorati-powered trackbacks, and a link to more inbound weblog content.

A bold move! Opening up the paper’s online content to the wild, distributed interactivity of the weblog world will attract inbound links from bloggers eager to see their names in the Post, widening readership and possibly increasing revenue from ad clicks; but this also raises the possibility of specific WaPo-critical links — or worse, spam — being published alongside WaPo’s own content. This WeblogsInc report implies that the links will be filtered or moderated, but even considering that, the Technorati deal is still an excellent way to get inbound traffic from weblogs. Great to see the Post freely embracing interactivity with its readership.

(Emphasis on “free,” unlike the NYTimes, which is apparently attempting to alienate its online readership by charging for select content.)