Atheist Debate Bingo

Somewhat inspired by CatBirdSeat’s Hipster Bingo, (thanks to Raffy for the link) I’ve taken a list of popular fallacies, straw men, misconceptions, and trolls often used by strident atheists in religious discussion, and collected them in one fun game: Atheist Debate Bingo!

You win when you can get intolerant skeptics to trot out all twenty-five memes in one discussion, at which point you should yell “Bingo!” as loudly as possible, especially when in public. (And yeah, I know it’s not strictly the Bingo format, but the numbers rule over the need for a “FREE” middle box in this case.) Phase two will one day involve having each bingo square link to sound theological refutations for each argument. Your suggestions are welcome.

God Hates Fags / Fred Phelps Jesus never existed Problem of Evil Jebus Crutch for the Weak
Salem Witch Trials Opiate of the Masses Women in Church / Head Coverings Jesus was just a great philosopher Can God Make a Rock…
God is Dead Sky Fairy / Imaginary Friend Flying Spaghetti Monster! Virus of the Mind Bible Retranslations Fallacy
Religion as root of violence Baby-dashing in Psalm 137 Da Vinci Code / Magdalenic Sacred Feminine Pat Robertson All religions worship the same god
Problem of Hell/Satan Lost Gospel of Thomas The Inquisition The Crusades God Hates Shrimp