Veni, Vidi, Abscedi

All charm, no moneybags. Teddy Benigno on President Bush’s brief visit to the Philippines. Again, he is able to sum up the Philippines’ general political situation in a few terse, disheartening paragraphs.


  1. Jason Wall says:

    In spite of real concerns, I can’t help but feel irritated that he complains. Everyone thinks American aid is the answer to their impoverishment. The whole world views America as this big money tree. Its like we’re a welfare program. Yet most of the world hates us, or envies us, inspite of the fact that we provide large portions of the worlds defence and support a large portion of the world’s economy. He’s right about one thing though. We are the world only super power.

  2. shade says:

    hmm, he went to the philippines too? he came here (australia) for a whole twenty hours or something and the whole nation stopped to kiss his feet. sigh