Asteroid 2012 DA14

A small asteroid named 2012 DA14 flew close by Earth on Friday 13 Feb 2013, flying south to north, 17,200 miles from the surface at closest approach: much closer than the moon and even within the orbits of farther-out geostationary satellites. This was going to be the live space event of the month — until it was upstaged by the unrelated Russian meteorite earlier that day.

I tried simulating a view of Earth from the asteroid using Orbit Mode on SkySafari app, and converted some screenshots to a flyby GIF (every green dot is a satellite, and you can clearly see the geosynchronous ring):

Astrophotographer Daniel López captured this time lapse of the asteroid flyby from Observatorio del Teide in the Canary Islands:

More info from NASA/JPL: Earth Flyby Reality Check. Astronaut Chris Hadfield tried to capture the asteroid from the International Space Station with a camera, but it was too small and distant to image from low earth orbit.