While I’m here, I might as well get more Philippine political controversy out of my system before I go back to bed:

I waxed melodramatic when I witnessed President GMA’s inauguration at the end of EDSA 2. We were seeing the start of a new age, I thought, a forceful maturation of Filipino politics. Never mind if we had set a bad extra-constitutional precedent with our dubious street actions, from here on things would get better!

Fast forward to two years later: poorly-performing politician breaks her promises, divides country, cites God. “Plus ca change…” De Quiros summed it up well for me. Don’t miss the clincher ending.

As for the impeachment of Chief Justice Davide, I’m mostly with Antifaust on this one. It’s a sad thing indeed if this upstanding figure in Philippine history is himself not immune to the luxury bug, but equally that so many members of Congress are willing to use it as ammunition against him as a political opponent — pot, kettle, black. More at PCIJ.