Lunar Eclipse 2003

Lunar Eclipse tonight. Amy and I are going to try and catch it from ol’ Uncle Abe’s Lap, which should have a great east-facing view of the moon as it rises behind the Capitol, with the Earth’s shadow already on it. (The moon, not the Capitol.)

Update 1am: Too c- c- c- cold to stay outdoors! We decided to simply glance up every few minutes to view the eclipse on our way to and from dinner. The Harmonic Concordance did not happen.


  1. abs says:

    tsk tsk… sayang. di ko nakita ang eclipse. :( ano, ok ba sya??? i really love eclipses. :) parang, isa sayng tula na may message… hehe. emotional masyado ang lunar eclipse (for me).

  2. Rod says:

    And this is different from the Harmonic Convergence of several years ago how?