The Ong Incident, Redux

This is a followup to The Ong Incident, though now I’m thinking that “incident” is too grand a word for such a botched non-event as that was. Lots of links and analysis from Manuel Quezon III, and Inquirer columnist Conrado De Quiros has two columns on what should be done about the president: Curiouser and Curiouser, and Alternatives. Amando Doronilla says heads must roll.

I especially like ultraelectromagnetic’s take:

I mean, Ong does know that even though people call her “Queen of Philippine Showbiz” she (Susan Roces) isn’t really a queen, right? I wish she had turned him down, just to see if Ong would ask Dolphy next (because, you know, he’s the “King of Comedy” … And then I wish Dolphy would turn him down so he’d be forced to ask every other celebrity, and they all turn him down until Ong is forced to ask someone like Jay-R, who’s the “Prince of R&B”.)

Fortunately Susan Roces showed herself to be strong and sensible, refusing to be used by the opposition as a destabilization tool.