Military Uprising in Makati

Looks like a military uprising in progress. A small group of mutineers from the Philippine military, calling themselves “Magdalo” (also the name of a group of Spanish-era revolutionaries) have been seen planting explosives in the area of Ayala Center and Hotel Intercontinental in Makati.

Bombs and booby traps laid around a thriving commercial district populated by visiting foreigners and working civilians. These are terrorist tactics. Any clues as to who might be behind this miniature coup d’etat?

More on MSNBC, CNN, and rolling updates from Inq7 and ABS-CBN News. From Time Asia, some background on coup rumors just after People Power II.

CMMM says, “Ang Gulo N’yo.”

More later, as I am about to leave for dinner.


  1. antifaust says:

    Rebel Yell

    Rouge soldiers have occupied a Makati commercial district, setting up bombs around the perimeter and issuing several demands through statements leaked to the local news media. Coup rumors have been circulating since two days ago, but no one outside the…