Batasan Bombing

Another explosion in the Philippines: the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City, home to Congress. Police are pretty sure that this was an actual bomb targeted to kill Basilan Congressman Wahab Akbar as he left the building (unlike the Glorietta blast which they now say was an accident).

(Note that the Batasang Pambansa is the House of Representatives, formerly the home of Parliament, distinct from the Senate which is GSIS Building in Pasay City, a different part of Metro Manila.)

More from Inquirer, GMA News, ABS-CBN News, BBC, New York Times, Pinoyexchange, Amee, MLQ3.

The response is, as with Glorietta, resounding cynicism. Few seem to believe Glorietta was an accident, and with the president facing impeachment and the Philippines’ notorious history of political foul play, the unsettled populace can’t help but compare these blasts with the fake ambush of Enrile which Marcos used as a pretext for martial law.

Still, considering the tribal/warlordist aspect of Filipino provincial politics, I could see a political power play in Basilan bringing on a brazen attack like this, too.

I withhold judgment as I watch how the spectacle unfolds from afar.

Update: Akbar was the target, says the PNP. Akbar has former associations with the Abu Sayyaf, and rebelled against them, establishing a dictatorial reign of terror during his prior governorship. This is Philippine-style feudal provincial politics with terror tactics and connections mixed in. Also see MLQ3’s column, House in the Line of Fire.


  1. vmashimaro says:

    Glorietta was an industrial accident. Let the evidence speak for itself. It is unfortunate that the mall owners do not owe up to their responsibilities.

    On the other hand, the Batasan explosion is a bomb blast – as initial evidence directly and strongly point out.

    Your view of a “resounding cynicism” of the Glorietta blast holds true for anti-Gloria proponents, ignoramuses and those who love conspiracy theories.

    The more RESPONSIBLE AND INTELLIGENT thinkers, whom may or may not be anti-GMA, believe otherwise.

  2. paetechie says:

    here’s my own take of the batasan bombing particularly security lapses.

    regarding Glorietta “bombing,” media and bloggers alike are to be blamed for terror created :(

  3. Jaycee Kings says:

    I saw one of the vehicles damaged by the explosion. The right portion of the windshield had a circular hole and the frame warping inward. Why a hole not the whole windshield shattered on impsct caused by the explosion? What hit it- the bomb explosion impact or there was another source?

  4. senator______ says:

    I hear Congressman Wahab Akbar that he is the one who did the bombing in batasan.

  5. Paulo says:

    Uh, no, “senator,” he was the target, the one *killed* by the bombing, not the bomber himself.