Obsequious Appeasers

Great, not only are we terror appeasers, we’re obsequious terror appeasers. From the Deputy Foreign Secretary: “In response to your request … the Philippines will withdraw its humanitarian forces as soon as possible …. I hope the statement that I read will touch the heart of this group …. We know that Islam is the religion of peace and mercy.”

“Touch the heart?”

“Peace and mercy?”


You know, though I consider it dishonorable, I might even understand sending home troops to save the life of a hostage, but what kind of wonderful noble motivation is this person trying to ascribe to these terrorists? It isn’t even acquiescence anymore; it’s grovelling. “Oh, don’t hurt us, we’ll do anything you want!”

There’s an up side to this, I suppose: (1) De la Cruz is (hopefully) free, maybe even alive! Now he can go back to his family. (2) The Philippines is back on the map, right up there beside her former colonizer.

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