Erap Resign?

Raffy has revamped his page, and it is now called “have a nice day.” Sure, Raff. Uh, whatever you say. ;)

Oh, and I uploaded my new design for my homegrown design “business,” Simplesight, a venue for me to offer my HTML services to anyone who’ll pay. There are some cool wallpapers and logo screens there too, all made by yours truly.

Back on the Philippine political front, there’s a big rally later on Ayala, and the EDSA one is growing, with Cardinal Sin officiating a Mass at around noon. I’m hoping enough dissension spreads through the military and the government for a quick, decisive, anti-administration coup d’etat to break out, to oust the current corrupt incompetent in power.

If you’re interested in what else is happening over here in the Philippines, go to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which has live breaking news updates on their front page.