CNN’s latest bit on the Philippine political crisis. The crowd at EDSA is growing, and former president Ramos — an ex-general — has arrived from Hong Kong to make an appearance at the protest rally. We may be looking at a military coup to oust Erap before this week is out; I hear that elements in the Armed Forces are more loyal to Ramos.

The prosecution panel in the impeachment trial has officially resigned, unable to continue the impeachment case against Estrada in a Senate that is tainted with bias and blatant support for a corrupt, pro-Erap administration. Amidst heated tempers and raised voices by Senator Roco and the defense counsel, the impeachment court has been adjourned until the House of Representatives can decide on a course of action regarding the prosecution’s resignation.

A local newspaper publisher has disclosed the contents of the controversial sealed envelopes: bank documents related to the “Jose Velarde” account, totalling P1.206 billion (21M dollars), according to Pinoy Times publisher Eugenia Apostol. TV news reports say the suspected drawees include businessman Lucio Tan; Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. CEO Manuel Pangilinan, Jaime Dichaves; and Antonio Evangelista, who owns the company linked to the purchase of the “Boracay” mansion.

Or it may be something else in those envelopes. Heh heh.