Gloria Resign Calls Fading?

With the rallies fizzled, Garci and Ong gone AWOL, impeachment not looking very clear, and Gloria obviously not resigning, it looks like she may very well be able to hang on to the presidency. She really is a barnacle!

Not that the opposition isn’t still trying, but they’re so divided amongst themselves (no honor among thieves?) and so lacking in public support that every attempt to unseat Gloria so far has been a failure. The general consensus I get from friends and family in Manila is that they’re tired of watching Filipino politicians bicker, and just want to go about their regular lives without being bothered by elitist politicking on either side of the debate.

Also read some stuff from Willie Galang on the situation as of a month ago, the possible SONA-time machinations of the Estrada-Poe-Marcos cabal (as he calls it), and broken bones.