Ecleo Passes Go

Ruben Ecleo out on bail. Ecleo was the leader of a cult which revered him as a reincarnated Messiah, even after the bloody gunfight which accompanied his arrest on suspicion of murdering his wife. One million pesos (about $18,000) bail was granted, ostensibly for “health reasons,” though Ecleo’s health seems well enough for him to even run for mayor, despite the standing charges against him. “Joseph Estrada syndrome.” Heh.

Previously written about here. (Be sure to read the PBMA cultists’ comments! They’re keepers, each and every single one.)


  1. ranie says:

    i appreciate the power of internet in informing the world about the events in our generation in split of second: your web is one of them. its a free of charge for to inform our brethen in the other side of the world. i urge you to publish both sides of comments, and let the destiny of every man follows its own path; it’s your dentiny to inform and its our destiny to triump at the end.

  2. ranie says:

    reasoning is not a justification that our words are true or not because the truth is measured not in the mind fed by our senses but in the heart that perpetuates love. love is the main source of evething, and love is what the Lord God had taught us.