EDSA Bus bombing

Bomb explodes in bus. On EDSA, near Balintawak in QC, says the news. Three dead. This was at the height of the Friday night crush. And riding buses in Manila is deadly enough without terrorist attacks. You folks in Manila take care.


  1. Bilis ah. That was just 3 hours ago.

    What gets me is that it’s an ordinary fare bus, the cheapest ride one can get on EDSA. Which means a lot of people who were riding it are already scrimping for the transpo fare. They don’t need the added aggravation of looking for money for medical expenses, or worse – money for the funeral.

    There were midnight sales at Galleria and Megamall today. I guess we can be thankful it didn’t happen in those areas.

  2. Vix says:

    It’s got me feeling jittery even though I am in bacolod. It’s Masskara time here and if somebody wanted to try something they could.

  3. sophie says:

    you’ve got the right idea, pau. with all this chaos – i mean, even worse than what we’re already used to, growing up here – it’s becoming more and more unlivable by the day. lotsa ppl, including me, are really considering migrating somewhere else (U.S.). but how can we turn back on our country now, when we’re really needed? i don’t know. i just don’t know. what do you think?