Wife vs Puppet

Meanwhile, FPJ now has Marcos backing. Marcos! Yes, the family of the late kleptocratic dictator Ferdinand and his wife Imelda “3,000 pairs of shoes” Marcos! FPJ can now draw financial aid from the Philippines’ own Gold of Tolosa, along with moral support from his best friend, an ousted corrupt incompetent.

Welcome to the family, FPJ.

Small comfort that, at this moment, the only apparent hope of beating him is from the incumbent Gloria, who, with her husband, in a case of “meet the new leader, same as the old,” appears to be just as much a kleptocrat as those who went before her.

Perhaps another glimmer of hope (?) comes from the continuing “unity” talks between Lacson and FPJ. With his roots in the police, Lacson stands for tough, disciplined, harsh, uncompromising governance, which the Philippines needs, and FPJ’s popularity can only help. (Right?) But he is also a Marcos loyalist with a dubious human rights record. I sometimes rationalize that Ramos was one too, but Ramos, at least, stood on the right side EDSA in 1986. Where was Lacson?

Right now, the wife of a thief and a puppet of thieves are leading the electoral pack. Filipinos forgive their abusers far too easily.