Protest Weekend

Today is April 20, and crowds of people are flocking downtown for numerous demonstrations on just about every available issue under the sun: the IMF and globalization, the Mideast conflict, the war in Afghanistan, military operations in Columbia, taxation without representation, and probably a few other causes which I missed.

Meanwhile, as rallyists gather for their march to the Capitol, clouds are gathering for a possible repeat of yesterday’s violent thunderstorms. Not a good day for outdoor demonstrations, I would think. As I told the guys at the office yesterday, either God supports globalization, or the CIA has developed secret weather control devices to activate during these rallies.

Add to that the vague terrorist threats against local banks, and you have the recipe for a fun Saturday huddled indoors, blogging news links all morning.

On the bright side, it looks like they won’t be drilling more holes in Alaska’s Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Personally, I think the money is better spent on researching a workable matter-antimatter warp drive.