Someone set him up the bomb.

The giant Marcos-head in the mountains was blown up. How cathartic. Would that the problems that history has wrought on the Philippines were quite as easy to demolish.

Update: Communist insurgents say they did it. More from Cheesedip, including a before/after shot from BBC.

Aside: I disagree with Lia that the Filipino penchant for constantly forgiving evil politicians is a case of “turn the other cheek shit,” as she calls it. An other-cheek complex implies a false sense of martyrhood, and that’s simply not the case with (most) Filipinos. They don’t put Eraps and Revillas and FPJ’s into office because they love to suffer, but because they’ve been deceived into thinking that voting for these people will somehow end their suffering. It’s not so much cheek-turning as it is simple gulliblity. The Christian value of submissive service barely comes into it.