De Quiros pulls a Godwin

I usually appreciate Conrado De Quiros’ columns, and I stand as a Christian against unjust war, pero sobra na po ito. With the deliberate comparison to Hitler, De Quiros is pulling a Godwin, which in newsgroup and message board culture usually indicates that a person is running out of more meaningful arguments for his stand. It’s worse than Krugman implicitly making a Marcos out of Bush. C’mon, Mr. De Quiros. There are far more reasonable arguments against the war than the straw man demonization of American political figures; we can do this without sounding like a Boondocks strip.

(Okay, “just-war” Christians, Republicans, Filipino pundits, Marcos loyalists, Boondocks fans… anyone left whose feathers I haven’t ruffled? Heh heh. “Left.”)


  1. Rod says:

    Lead me not into temptation, Paulo – I can find it all by myself. The urge to use you as a platform is ungracious.

    However, I will say that the current peace is as unjust, if not more so, than any war.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  2. Paulo says:

    Please, use me as a platform. I’m still in the process of formulating an opinion on this issue (hence the qualifier “unjust”) and am in need of intelligent input.

  3. Rod says:

    You expect me to write all that in this little tiny box?

  4. Rod says:

    Gosh, it looks like no one is going to take tbe bait. Well, Paulo, you already have my thoughts on the matter.