Silly little hippies…

I hear some people tried to shut down DC last week. Not only did they fail to block my commute, but they’ve managed to completely un-convince me that their causes and goals hold any legitimacy or value whatsoever.

What I see, and what I will tell my 2.75 year old daughter when she gets older, is that a bunch of well-fed college-aged kids, along with some older and well-equipped adult professional activists got together to say, and I quote; “the real terrorists are the capitalists.” What I will also teach my daughter, what I will tell my 11th grade Sunday school class this morning, is that we all might have been better served had this angry mob of dissenters put themselves in the servant’s role, and spent a week in D.C. feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and housing the homeless. Of course the only problem with this pipe dream is that it would require some real work to address a real cause.

– Dean

Instead of protesting against a federal government that blithely deprives residents of the U.S. capital of the vote, or against hugely rich nonprofits that bleed the city’s accounts for police protection while paying no taxes, the demonstrators turn their violence against the voiceless and the ignored — the people of Washington.

– WaPo editorial

Four protesters arrested near the International Monetary Fund building have been charged with carrying explosives late Saturday.

– WaPo news story

“Hippies, dirty hippies, they try to save the world, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.”

– Someone on Metafilter

Happy When You Overturn The Hyundai At Tonight’s Race Riot, Make Sure Chicks Are Watching Day!

Girls Are Pretty

Congratulations, underwear-clad anti-capitalist protest kiddies: you’ve once again alienated your potential audience, and punctuated the utter futility of your methods! See you at the next summit, where I expect to see you fail again.