Edsa “III” Continues

I believed in the spirit of Edsa in 1986, and I still do today. But now I realize I was dubious about Edsa 2, because I was certain at the time that there were still better ways to resolve the issue before taking to the streets. Yet, we ousted Erap, and things seemed fine. But Edsa 2 had set a dangerous precedent, the fruit of which is this crowd of rabble: Edsa 3.

It is now altogether too easy for any popular politician to simply run down to Ortigas Center and gather a growing crowd. Add to that the blind and misguided fanaticism of El Shaddai and Iglesia ni Kristo, and you have the true spirit of what the pro-Eraps so contemptuously called “mob rule” at Edsa 2.

The situation here in Manila grows more and more worrisome by the day. The crowd of pro-Erap supporters at Edsa wants their beloved idol back in the presidency, and they’re willing to do anything, come up with any legal rationalization, and follow anyone, to see that goal achieved. A class war is in the making, and the instigators are using it to their political advantage. Early this morning, Enrile called on the rallyists to storm the TV networks. Miriam is allegedly plotting a military conspiracy.

And the poor, uneducated masses gathered at Edsa are lapping it up. They love it. They don’t realize that these power-crazed senators are just using them for their own ends. They don’t think of the ramifications. They don’t realize what this is doing to our country; that all this goading is dividing our people further and destroying the political establishments which hold our society together. They don’t consider that when they come home from the rallies and protests against the so-called “elite”, they won’t have jobs. They won’t be able to feed their families and work for their living. They will have nothing. Nothing, but their favorite movie actor, crony to a past dictator, continuing to plunder wealth from right under their noses.

Is this what the Filipino has become?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.