EDSA 1986

Update, Feb 2006: For my thoughts and links on the events of EDSA’s 20th year, please go to EDSA 1986+20 and EDSA 1986 History.

Yesterday was a nonworking holiday, to celebrate the 16th Anniversary of the famous People Power Revolution at EDSA, which ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos from power in 1986.

I’m quite glad that Edsa.com.ph (local web directory) maintains a brief and informative history page, but it ends with a somewhat outdated promotional announcement. Disappointing, to see that there are so few comprehensive pages to commemorate that shining moment in Filipino history. (Although we do have pages to remind us of the days we scraped the bottom of the barrel.)

Anyone else have links worth clicking about the history of Ninoy Aquino and EDSA 1986? Or Philippine History in general? I’d love to see some.

UPDATE: Amazingly detailed chronology of the EDSA Revolution, link via Lia. (Americans may wish to note Ronald Reagan’s involvement: Day 3 and Day 4. He and Marcos were friends. ;)