Rene Cayetano, 68

Lia recently linked a photo of Rene Cayetano, and I was startled to see old Compañero reduced by the travails of disease to this. Well, it ended yesterday: Senator Rene Cayetano has passed on. He was 68.

Paalam po at mabuhay, pareng Compañero.


  1. Raffy E says:

    Was surprised myself to find out that he was even sick to begin with, much less passed on. I remember seeing him frequently at Makati Sports Club; he didn’t strike me as particularly friendly, in fact I thought he was rather arrogant. But attitude aside I’m sure he at least did his job for the country as Senator. Godspeed, Mr. Cayetano.

  2. Paulo says:

    Heh heh, I hear working at ABS-CBN can do that to a person. (kidding!)