Pardon Who?

(Update: Arnold just pointed out that Philippine elections are May 10, not 20. I don’t know how I missed that. Maybe it was from thinking of 2010. And I think Erap really does have Gloria dancing in the palm of his hand: she even sent him a penholder for his birthday. Update: And golf carts! What a sellout.)

Remember this? Estrada out to delay trial until 2004, in hopes that the elections would install a more lenient loyalist administration. Well, it seems to have worked. Here we are, three weeks to May 2010, and Estrada can’t wait to be set free, he’s milking Gloria’s populist-oriented opportunism for all it’s worth, and playing her like a kulintang.

If Gloria loses to FPJ, and she and/or her husband gets arrested for corruption, will they get the same treatment, I wonder? Will Lacson pursue his “Incredible Hulk” case for the opposition considering how they treated him in favor of Da King?

(Okay, just to recap: Roco’s Denouement, Wife vs Puppet, and Bro Eddie’s Chance, and this. Barring the likely event of some other massive development, this is probably my last post on the May 2010 Philippine elections until, well, May 2010. I’ve just had a lot to get off my chest since I started moderating politics on Pinoyexchange.)