Tsunami Coverage

International cable news here in Manila is pretty much 24/7 Tsunami News, though I see that one of my primary DC news haunts, NBC4, at the time of this writing, ranks one of the world’s deadliest natural catastrophes ever recorded as less important than flu shots and a church fire. What have you noticed about tsunami coverage on local TV in your area? Are there big red “ASIA TSUNAMI WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” titles, or has the event been relegated to an international news footnote on how many Americans died?

Update: Well, whatever governs news priority seems to change the headlines every hour or so; I must have caught it at a bad time, because now it’s all tsunami and aid news, whereas my other DC news haunt, WJLA, currently has nothing at all on it. Plus, as Keith points out in comments, these are local news channels.

More coverage of this disaster, including firsthand material: