Not President Anymore!

Former President Erap’s contention that he is still legally the President of the Philippines has been unanimously overruled by the Supreme Court, and a 9-4 vote has removed his immunity from criminal prosecution. He now faces the very likely possibility of arrest for economic plunder. And now, it will be a criminal trial, before a judicial court, not a sentorial jury. Political alliances have less to do now with Erap’s criminal case.

It’s some of the most wonderful news I’ve heard. Erap can’t go on bragging anymore that he’s still president, and now prosecutors can start legally digging into his unexplained wealth, the purchase and construction of properties and mansions for his many mistresses, inside trading in the Philippine Stock Market, and bribes from illegal gambling operations. Of course, he insists that this is all just a conspiracy by the “rich elite” of the country. Ha! From what we’ve seen, he’s richer than most: mansions, limousines, mistresses. The man lives the good life, living high on the hog, spending liberally on almost anything, and he claims to be an advocate for the poor? It’s time to roast this pig.