Death penalty commuted because…

Design on my new site is going okay, if a bit slowly. I think I shall upload everything in one fell swoop right after New Year of 2001.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day in Erap’s impeachment trial: Justice Davide is going to decide whether the prosecution should be allowed to investigate certain Equitable-PCI bank records, suspected of being linked to Erap’s embezzling of public funds, as evidence against the president. I sincerely hope he rules in prosecution’s favor; much of the trial stands on this evidence. The defense — a rather formidable team, as compared to the rusty congressional prosecutors — has not been too subtle in their attempts to keep the bank documents from being seen. Could be that prosecution is hitting pretty close on this one.

In other news, the president commuted the death penalty. Interesting, how he so staunchly supported capital punishment before, but the moment he learns that one of the possible impeachment raps against him — plunder — carries with it the penalty of death, he suddenly becomes an advocate for life.