Roco resigns from Dept of Education

Promising presidentiable Raul Roco quits his post as Education Secretary, after the president who put him there suddenly endorses a graft investigation against him.

Bad, bad move on the president’s part, especially so soon after finding that Roco is ahead of her in the 2004 presidentiable surveys. More commentary from Soliven and Teddy Benigno. This move would have lost GMA any respect I had left for her, if only there had been any left.

Benigno’s column also follows the latest missteps in the uncharmed love life of Kris Aquino. What’s going on with that girl, anyway? Since when did she fall into the mudpit with Joey Marquez? Wait, is she coming here to the US? AAAHH!!!

(Update: Lia filled me in on the details of the latest Kris tsismis. I’m underwhelmed and unsympathetic.)


  1. nic says:

    good sources have reported that she was spotted in one of the local hotels cum serviced apartments cum love nests with vic sotto before. just don’t know when (goes to show how interested i am).

    now what is up with that?