Erap Indicted

The Ombudsman has indicted Erap on charges of corruption and economic plunder. He’s now eligible for arrest, hopefully within the week. Erap, of course, is warning of “people power” by the masses if he is arrested, and his staunchly loudmouthed supporter Senator Miriam “Brenda” Santiago foresees civil war. (The Philipines calls her “Brenda” now. It’s short for “Bren-damage.”)

Erap is a hoot. All this time, he has bragged of the “unconstitutionality” of his ouster, that he deserves a fair and legal trial, that he is ready to face the consequences if he is found guilty. But the moment his arrest looms, he calls for “people power” — the same “extra-constitutional” movement which ousted him in the first place — and claims that the masses will support him.

Erap, it’s time to stop acting. (You never were a good movie actor anyway.) The masses, who you claim love and support you so much, already booted you out two months ago, and good riddance. They will not shed blood, sweat, or tears to lift a thieving, traitorous glutton such as yourself back to the presidency you so shamelessly abused to support the high-rolling lifestyle you and your mistresses enjoyed. Face the music, old man, and go to jail.