Index 10 and CSS

Index 10 is something of a web design milestone for me: it’s my first attempt at using CSS box properties instead of table hacks for a layout. And it feels good. Looks good, too, in IE5, and hopefully it should look good in Netscape 6. Viewing it in Netscape 4 will give you a completely linear page without any layout or styles. Which is why people should stop using Netscape 4 in the first place. (Would you believe my mom still insists on using Netscape Navigator Gold? But then, she’s not a web designer.)

This will be my last random index page for a while. As I transition to my new space on DigitalRice (assuming it works), I will streamline the existing pages of my site, optimizing with style sheets and conforming to web standards which will facilitate separation of style from content, making my stuff more accessible to more platforms; at the same time destroying any chance of the layout displaying properly in any non-compliant browser. (Which generally means anything older than IE5 or NS6.) Upgrade now.

If the great masters of design at A List Apart are to be believed, this is the future of web design. Time to start studying again.

Wayne is doing likewise. Check out his page as it begins to change; his layout is pretty cool.

Great. I just found out that the “brownpau” account with Digitalrice that I asked them to delete wasn’t deleted. And the “pau” account is pending, and will be activated within the day. Now I have two accounts. Which one should I take, and which one should I have deleted? The shorter URL? Or the cuter, more expressive one? Which one would you rather type in the future to get to my site when I move?