No Gloria Impeachment

Remember when Manny Villar railroaded the Estrada impeachment by segueing from the pre-session prayer straight to the articles of impeachment without missing a beat? Wasn’t that fun and exciting? A dubious precedent and complete travesty of due process, of course, but still fun and exciting. The same cannot be said for the current attempts by the opposition to impeach Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, which so far have completely failed, in addition to being boring, tedious, and uninspiring. The ensuing protests appear to be halfhearted and noncommittal, a far cry from what we thought would be the start of Edsa 4, scant months ago.

Enrile’s apparent switch really threw me for a loop. I know he supports the shift to parliamentary federalism, but not to the extent that he would leave the “Estrada-Marcos-Poe cabal,” as Willie calls it. I’m not sure it’s a good thing to have Enrile on one’s side.

Anyway, fun things happen when you’re near the top of the list for politically contentious search terms, as evidenced by some of the comments in my “Gloria Resign” entries. The “YOUNG OFFICER” threatening mass resignations is probably fake, which just makes it funnier.