Abu Sayaff cancels negotiation

Abu Sayaff kidnap-spokesman Abu Sabaya has “cancelled negotiations” for the remaining three hostages, including American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham. Now, he challenges Filipino and US troops to find the dead bodies of the hostages in the jungle.

Were there ever “negotiations” to begin with? Weren’t these bandits just yanking at people’s strings? Already the Burnham family has been secretly trying to pay ransom to these kidnappers, only to see trust broken again and again. And what do you expect? Trust is not a quality that can be in any way associated with the Abu Sayyaf. As far as I can see, they represent all the worst of extremist terrorist hypocrisy, and plain old Filipino hooliganism. That puts them on a far higher shelf than Joseph Estrada for utter detestability.

Keep praying for those hostages, brothers and sisters in Christ. I am trusting that, even in the face of obnoxious terrorists and a bumbling government and military, God will work wonders for those who have their peace in Him.