Election Day 2004

Lines were slow and disorganized at the polling place today, and I made it almost to the front of the “E-K” queue before having to go the back of the “L-R” queue because its sign was obscured by a badly positioned “S-Z.” After the wait, though, it was smooth sailing: I showed my voter card, got my ballot, connected the arrows with a pencil, slid the ballot into the Optech Eagle with a satisfying beep, got the “I Voted” sticker, and picked up a free apple from a basket provided by the Lutheran Church whose basement served as my polling place.

It just wasn’t right, having to vote for a less-than-resolute, pro-abortion, Roman Catholic liberal; but it seemed far better than voting for a deficit-growing Sun Myung Moon / Pat Robertson endorsee who started a preemptive war based on botched intelligence at the expense of the general war on terror.

Photos from the polling place here.

Joel, The Dane, Rick, Smash, and Kottke voted. Valerie decided not to.

(Thanks to Tim, by the way, for the sticker image, which looks just like the one I got.)